Diseño de Interiores Artediez Madrid

Interior Design Area

Offices, hotels, theatres, retail spaces, temporary exhibitions …; the diversity of interior spaces is as large as the number of ways of conceiving and use.

Interior design has particular features that differentiate it from other branches of Design: first, the three-dimensional character of space. Through the volume of the space we move, work, feel, live; second, the time variable, since the spaces are projected as a result of some habits or routines that give each room its time. And in the interior of a building we eat, sleep, read, buy, work out,…

Besides a necessary artistic basis, as a means of cultural expression, interior design has a significant technical component. Walls, floors, ceilings and furniture determine and define the spaces, and the materials used play an essential role in the mood of the people, as their surface texture and colour condition the atmosphere. But also, interior space requires a level of comfort and liveability; certainly resulting from a deep knowledge of the building facilities functioning (thermal conditioning, acoustic, plumbing, electricity or lighting).

Artediez offers three higher-grade vocational training courses specializing in the following branches of Interior Design: