Arquitectura Efimera Artediez Madrid

Ephemeral Architecture

Ephemeral Architecture is one of the disciplines that best suit the fast pace of a world in which globalization can extend the framework and communication. With its brevity, it competes for permanent effects; it aspires to lasting consequences, outcomes that transcend their own time. The ephemeral presence is offset by the widespread dissemination of its message reaching a huge number of recipients.

The ephemeral is designed to transit time, not to last, but to endure their mark. As a discipline, it is a field increasingly demanded.

The fields of action of these professionals are increasingly wide and diverse. Projects can be carried out both inside and outside of exhibition centres, museums, television studios, and commercial centres, urban areas, landscape, etc.

The functions of these professionals include the design and execution within its ephemeral scope, prefabricated removable lightweight structures, product displays, mounts, exhibition design, decoration of stores for promotions and events or adaptation to their corporate image, kiosks, information, care or sale points, stage and events design, etc., adapting to constantly changing requirements.

Weekly Hours per Subject
Architecture and its enviroment History2
Ephemeral Architecture History2
Drawing and Colour I4
Drawing and Colour II2
Technical Drawing4
Volumetric Expression4
Computer-aided Design4
Computer-aided Design for Ephemeral Architecture3
Technology and Construction Systems5
Technology and Construction Systems for Ephemeral Architecture7
Projects on Ephemeral Architecture14
Economy and Entrepreneurship2
Total Hours3030