Mobiliario Diseño Industrial Artediez Madrid

Furniture Design

Qualification: Technician of Art and Design in Furniture Design.

Level: Advanced Vocational Training in Art and Design

Through the years, furniture has always been made or designed by artists, craftsmen and architects, forming a very particular sector within the industrial arts.

Nowadays, with trade competitiveness and constant renewal of models, there is a need for professionals with extensive training in the field of furniture design, covering technical, artistic and cultural preparation, as well as specific knowledge in the management and business organization. A professional who, besides having “ideas” and offering them as projects, could also make their own prototypes and organize production within a workshop or companies, and possess criterion necessary to assess or reproduce historical patterns.

This Training Course provides the means for students to acquire a flexible and open approach in the development of their profession, so that they can adapt to the needs that may arise.

Weekly Hours per Subject
Furniture History  –  3
Drawing & graphic techniques I  4  –
Drawing & graphic techniques II  –  2
Descriptive Geometry  3  –
Ergonomics and Anthropometry 2
Computer-aided Design I 2
Computer-aided Design II  – 4
Technology and Materials for Furniture  3  –
Introduction to Projects  8  –
Projects and Methodology on Furniture II  –  10
Furniture Modelling I 8  –
Furniture Modelling II  8
Technical Drawing  2
Economy and entrepreneurship  2
Total Hours 30 31