Escaparatismo Artediez Madrid

Window Dressing

This course trains window dressing professionals, capable of interpreting the business needs of the client (owner of a commercial establishment) and offer proposals which, from the commercial, artistic and technical points of view strongly, convey the brand values, creating sensations and needs in passers by, culminating in a shopping experience.

The artistic training for shop window designing should be complemented with a good technical preparation (study of materials and their assembly techniques, lighting and other aspects), and with broad business knowledge: brand study, visual communication, purchase process at Point-Of-Sale, organizing and product exposure within an establishment.

The fields of action of these professionals are increasingly wide and diverse. The main areas are: cities’ buildings bases, department stores, museums, etc. and range from the cabinet to the shop-window, from the museum to the setting of a walkway.

Some of their functions are the realization of projects related to commercial design and showcase; conducting or directing assemblies shop windows or in store displays; design of commercial exhibition furniture; design and assembly of promotional stands and corners and exhibition design.

Weekly Hours per Subject
Architecture and its enviroment History 2
Window Dressing History 3
Drawing and Colour I 4
Drawing and Colour II 2
Technical Drawing 4
Volumetric Expression 4
Computer-aided Design 3
Computer-aided Design for Window Dressing 2
Technology and Construction Systems 4
Technology and Construction Systems for Window Dressing 7
Projects 9
Projects on Window Dressing 12
Marketing 3
Economy and Entrepreneurship 2
Total Hours 30 31