Escaparatismo Artediez Madrid

Window Dressing

This course trains window dressing professionals, capable of interpreting the business needs of the client (owner of a commercial establishment) and offer proposals which, from the commercial, artistic and technical points of view strongly, convey the brand values, creating sensations and needs in passers by, culminating in a shopping experience.

The artistic training for shop window designing should be complemented with a good technical preparation (study of materials and their assembly techniques, lighting and other aspects), and with broad business knowledge: brand study, visual communication, purchase process at Point-Of-Sale, organizing and product exposure within an establishment.

The fields of action of these professionals are increasingly wide and diverse. The main areas are: cities’ buildings bases, department stores, museums, etc. and range from the cabinet to the shop-window, from the museum to the setting of a walkway.

Some of their functions are the realization of projects related to commercial design and showcase; conducting or directing assemblies shop windows or in store displays; design of commercial exhibition furniture; design and assembly of promotional stands and corners and exhibition design.

Weekly Hours per Subject
Architecture and its enviroment History2
Window Dressing History3
Drawing and Colour I4
Drawing and Colour II2
Technical Drawing4
Volumetric Expression4
Computer-aided Design3
Computer-aided Design for Window Dressing2
Technology and Construction Systems4
Technology and Construction Systems for Window Dressing7
Projects on Window Dressing12
Economy and Entrepreneurship2
Total Hours3031