Fotografía Artística Artediez Madrid


This training cycle is aimed at training professional photographs able to create and interpret aesthetic events. Photography education should not be limited to technical and mechanical issues that will ensure good formal results, but must insist on an artistic, theoretical and cultural foundation. Focused, generically, to the photographic activity related to advertising, design, fashion, social reporting, industry, science, publishing, photojournalism and art.

This professional would exercise its activity:

1. As a freelancer, within any of the areas of activity in which professional photography is divided.

2nd. Integrated as a photographer in those companies which for their operation so require [hospitals, industries, publishers, newspapers, etc.].

3rd. Creating their own projects within an artistic activity.

4th. Interpreting another professional’s (art director or designer) concepts with sketches, models and ideas.

5th. In companies and workshops, whether public or private, related with the photography professional practice.

Weekly Hours per Subject
Visual representation and expression fundamentals4
Image Theory2
Digital Laboratory I4
Digital Laboratory II4
Photography Theory I2
Photography Theory II4
Photography techniques I4
Photography techniques II3
Audiovisual languages and techcnologies I3
Audiovisual languages and techcnologies II3
Photography History2
Photography Projects I9
Photography Projects II12
Economy and entrepreneurship2
Technical English2
Total hours3030