Modelismo y Maquetismo Escuela de Artediez Madrid

Architectural Model Making

Qualification: Technician of Art and Design in Architectural Model Making.
Level: Advanced Vocational Training in Art and Design

This course aims to train professionals capable of creating three-dimensional models required in the architectural field and also, by affinity, in the following fields: urban planning, interior design, stage productions, civil engineering and industrial design.

It aims to prepare professionals capable of defining in volumetric models the ideas that designers need (pre-models, prototypes and models).

Professionals in this field can constitute small independent companies or join large companies that require these technical services steadily, covering the broad and needed professional field existing as a meeting point between designer-industry-advertising market, etc., so that they can verify and test a product before manufacture and final release.

Weekly Hours per Subject
Industrial Design History 3
Graphic Communication 3
Design Theory and Science 2
Natural Drawing 4
Technical Drawing 5
Ergonomics and Anthropometry 2
Computer-aided Design I 2
Computer-aided Design II 5
Technology and Materials for Model Making 3
Audiovisual Media 4
Model Building I 13
Model Building II 12
Economy and entrepreneurship 2
Total Hours 30 30