Gráfica Impresa Artediez Madrid

Graphic Print

The Superior Technician of Art and Design in Graphic Print: • Proposes and performs graphics to convey messages on behalf of companies, institutions or other professional solutions.

  • Plans the project of graphic image from the identification of the communication request, the definition of formal and aesthetic, functional and technical aspects, to the realization of the finished graphic product.
  • Organizes and conducts the different project phases and the corresponding quality controls to ensure optimal graphical expression of the message. They may develop their activity as an independent professional, associate or hired as an employee.
  • Makes partially or totally, as a specialist professional, graphic design for different applications.
  • Prepares proposals and draft custom graphics products for companies, design studios or institutions.
  • Can develop their skills as a freelancer or as dependent designer making graphically ideas from other professionals.
Weekly Hours per Subject
Visual representation and expression fundamentals3 –
Image Theory2 –
Computer Science I5 –
Computer Science II 7
Photography2 –
Graphic Image History2 –
Typography I4 –
Drawing Technics for Design5 –
Graphic Design Fundamentals6 –
Audiovisual languages and techcnologies I3
Audiovisual languages and techcnologies II3
Typography II4
Projects on Graphic Design II –8
Idustrial Graphic Production –4
Economy and entrepreneurship –2
Technical English –2
Total Hours3230