Proyectos y Dirección de Obras de Decoración Artediez Madrid

Design and Project Management of Decorative Works

This cycle, aims to train professionals able to plan, coordinate and direct interiors construction works, designers with creative ability and technical skills that respond to cultural and social needs by incorporating new technologies that today are occurring at vertiginous pace.

Designers trained in this cycle will be intermediaries between man and his environment, will have the ability to generate feelings, provoke emotions and convey meaning through their proposals, becoming active agents of society.

Some of their duties of this professional profile are:

To solve, develop and manage projects for decorative works independently or in the context of a company, holding positions of interlocutor between them and senior professionals.

To research shapes, materials and creative processes in their field.

To execute, in teams or individually, in studios or workshops, graphic representations of a project with management and coordination possibilities.

To assess and compare materials qualities and finishes and to make valuations and reports.

The degree of Technician of Art and Design on Design and Project Management of Decorative Works enables students to solve and execute projects of decorative works in all types of interiors.

Weekly Hours per Subject
Architecture and its enviroment History 2  –
Interior Design History 3
Drawing and Colour I 4
Drawing and Colour II 2
Technical Drawing 4
Volumetric Expression 4  –
Computer-aided Design 4
Computer-aided Design for Project Management of Decorative Works 2
Technology and Construction Systems 5
Technology and Construction Systems for Project Management of Decorative Works 7
Projects 7
Projects on Project Management of Decorative Works 14
Economy and Entrepreneurship 2
Total Hours 30 30