Modelismo Industrial escuela de Artediez Madrid

Product Design Model Making

Qualification: Technician of Art and Design in Product Design Model Making
Level: Advanced Vocational Training in Art and Design

The purpose of this course is to train professionals to carry out industrial design projects and three-dimensional models required in the design field.

This training course aims to prepare professionals able to define objects and perform volumetric models (pre-models, prototypes and models). It is, therefore, a creative profession with a wide field of application. Professionals in this field can constitute small independent companies or set up their own studio and join large companies that require these professionals.

To define, verify and test a product before manufacture and final release, and encouraging critical thinking and reflection around the project to intervene in decisions about how the world in which we live should be, are some of the challenges that the school faces in the training of these students.

Weekly Hours per Subject
Industrial Design History  –  3
Design Theory and Science  –  2
Natural Drawing  4  –
Technical Drawing  5  –
Technology and Materials for Model Building  3  –
Ergonomics and Anthropometry  –  2
Computer-aided Design I  2  –
Computer-aided Design II  4
Graphic Communication  3  –
Audiovisual Media  –  3
Analysis and Methodology  4  –
Project Analysis  –  6
Product Design Modelling I 10
Product Design Modelling II 8
Economy and entrepreneurship 2
Total Hours 31 30