Grabado y Estampación Artediez Madrid

Printmaking and engraving

Professional training on the set of techniques woodcut, intaglio, lithography and silkscreen, used as a means of artistic expression to create an original graphic work, understood as one that imagined and designed by the artist, requires further stamping processing for its multiplication.

The use of these techniques and processes has a purely artistic purpose, although the degree of difficulty and complexity of these require a particular learning.

The effectiveness of this training cycle of higher level relies on the adjusted balance of the artistic and technical components.

The primary activity includes the creation, processing and stamping of matrixes.

Professional practice is the issue of printmaking, book illustration, bibliophile. The graduated professional can carry out their activities in companies or workshops, small, medium or large, dedicated to fields directly related to this specialty, and work as an independent professional or cooperative partner.

Weekly Hours per Subject
Drawing Techniques for Printmaking 4 4
Industrial Graphic Techniques 6
History of Engraving 2
Image and Design 4
Projects on Printmaking 4
Engraving Workshop 10 6
Lithography Workshop 6 4
Screenprinting Workshop 6
Economy and entrepreneurship 2
Total Hours 30 28