Incoming Students

Incoming Students

Since 2008 Artediez has a large and diversified network in international cooperation, within the framework of Erasmus, focuses on students and teachers exchanges and also promoting new ways of developing projects with our partner’s institutions.

About 18 Artediez students spend a period outside and the same number foreign students spend a semester in Artediez.
We also offer 6 around lecturers per year the opportunity to teach one week at a partner school and we receive the same number of lecturers from our partners.


  1. The home institution sends the applicant’s nomination.
  2. Artediez contacts aplicants via email.
  3. When asked by ARTEDIEZ, the student fills out an application form ONLINE. Link will be sent via email. In this form, the applicant will be asked to upload:
    • Proposal of courses.  (Courses available at Artediez below)
    • Portfolio. (with the best and most recent works
    • Personal statement (in Spanish language
    • Passport-size photograph

1st June for the autumn semester
15th November for the spring semester

The teaching language is Spanish. The incoming students will be informed on courses to improve their language skills for a fruitful academic period in Artediez.
Erasmus+ OLS  offers opportunities to study, and to strengthen linguistic skills and support language learning. The sending institution will provide the student an Spanish language course licence.

Students will be selected by each Department Commission regarding the following criteria:

– Quality of the portfolio — contents and presentation
– Level of Spanish language
– Reciprocal inter-exchange of students from both institutions
– Personal statement.

Artediez International Office will send an Acceptance Letter or a message informing about the denial. As we receive a large number of applications each year and places are limited, we cannot guarantee that all applicants will be accepted.

Courses Graphic  and Audiovisual Communication
Courses Fashion
Courses Industrial
Courses Interior

Artediez does not provide accommodation in Madrid. We offer information about agencies and offices in order to help students to find the right place.
Accommodation in Madrid

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